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Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island

Miscouche, Prince Edward Island, Canada Quick Review The Acadian Museum tells the history and culture of the Acadian community of Canada, with an emphasis on the Acadian community in Prince Edward Island (Acadians also live in New Brunswick and the U.S. state of Louisiana.)  This simple, but well-presented museum, begins telling its story in the … Continue reading

Museum of Sydney

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Quick Review Located on the bottom floors of an impressive, massive, and recently built (last 15 years) high-rise office building, the Museum of Sydney tells the history of the city of Sydney, Australia.  From its significant location to its succinct but well-rounded presentation of Sydney history, the museum is a … Continue reading

Shelburne Museum

Burlington, Vermont, USA Quick Review Soon after I moved to Montreal, I was discussing day trips with the locals and someone suggested the Shelburne Museum near Burlington, Vermont.  People described it as a farm with an eclectic collection.  On the first of many trips, I endured a 1.75-hour wait at the border (learning a valuable … Continue reading

Canadian War Museum

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Quick Review This museum presents its collection of objects from all of the wars fought on Canadian soil since the Europeans arrived, as well as objects related to earlier wars. Although a museum in its own right, The Canadian War Museum is run by the same organization that runs the Canadian Museum … Continue reading

Review: Niagara Falls History Museum

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Quick Review I first learned about this museum when planning a visit to Niagara Falls for our nephews who were visiting from Peru.  I wasn’t sure they would be interested in seeing this (I assumed that the falls themselves would be the primary attraction for them) but I certainly wanted to … Continue reading

Review: Auckland Museum

Auckland, New Zealand Quick Review When planning my visit to Auckland, this was the top of my list of “must-see” attractions. The Auckland museum contains collections of: Maori and Pacific peoples, with a special emphasis on the Maori who are the dominant group in New Zealand (the majority of the floor space is devoted to … Continue reading

Review: Museum of the City of New York

Visited June 2012 Quick Review Because it combines presentation of history and cultural issues, the Museum of the City of New York reminds me in some ways of the civilization museums in Canada (Canadian Museum of Civilization, Quebec Museum of Civilization), even though this museum is as old, if not older, than those.  The other … Continue reading