Ikea to Convert Its First Store into a Museum

After nearly 7 decades, IKEA moved from its first store–opened in 1943–to a new location in  in Älmhult, Sweden and has since decided to convert the original location into a museum about the store’s history.  Apparently, IKEA already maintains a small museum telling the history of IKEA   products.

The company hopes to open the museum in 2015 and anticipates nearly 200,000 visitors to the attraction.  The museum will be located in the somewhat remote southern Swedish city, not far from better-known Malmö.

I wonder: will the museum have a cafeteria?  If so, will it have the same menu as the ones in IKEA stores?  And will the museum have a boutique?  If so, how much of the IKEA line will it carry.

Seriously, this is a great idea that celebrates the international cultural phenomenon created by this retailer.  Hudson Bay had smaller, in-store museums in some of its locations but has since closed them. Some of the displays have apparently found their way into the collection of the Manitoba Museum (Winnipeg was the site of its first major department store) but I have no idea what happened to the collection removed from the Montreal flagship.

For more about the announcement of the IKEA museum, click here.


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