Wish List for the Museums in My Home Towns

This is the first of several posts with suggestions for the museums of the cities I have called home.  I first posted these in the summer of 2010; this series of posts features some updated information and additional suggestions.  

Visiting museums in so many different places and seeing how they preserve and strengthen the local cultures and enhance the spirits of their communities has encouraged me to think about museums that could be established in my various home towns—and that could preserve and strengthen their cultures, and enhance the spirits of these communities.

And yes, I use home towns in the plural.  For those of you who know anything about my life story, you know that I’ve moved around a bit.  The home towns I’ll address here include:

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Rochester, Minnesota
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Montreal, Quebec

(Although I’ve also lived in Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Hong Kong, I don’t have suggestions for them.)


What would you like to add?

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