Globe and Mail suggests “15 hot museum exhibitions you won’t want to miss”

Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper recommends 15 “hot” museum exhibitions to check out this fall.

Although I’m pleased that the paper has taken the time to make the recommendations, they seem odd on a number of levels:

  • More than half are outside of Canada–some in Asia, some in Europe, and the complete list beyond the affordability of just about all its readers.
  • Some of the exhibitions are short-term temporary ones like the voodoo exhibition at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau or brand-new permanent ones, like the brand new Islamic galleries at the Louvre.
  • But some are permanent exhibitions that aren’t particularly new, like the main exhibition of the new National Museum of China, which has been open for well over a year and Museum Island in Berlin, which isn’t an exhibition or a museum, but a collection of mega-museums, each with significant and large collections of their own, as well as numerous temporary exhibitions.

But check these out recommendations for yourself, even if it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to check out most of the exhibitions.


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